The Mercenary Mul who protects trade for the house of Wavir.


Bane is a mercenary warrior who works for the house of Wavir, aiding in protecting their trade caravans.

Physical description.

Bane is a tall, lean Mul. 6 foot tall. He is dark skinned, has dark hair and green eyes. He wears sturdy leather armour and carries a sword and shield crafted from wood and bone, he also has a necklace with a sharp talon on the end. He paces as he talks, especially when worried. Pronounced scar across his face.


Strong as he’s a warrior.

Values and motivations.

Primarily his own skin and earning money, he cares and looks out for his own but his compassion doesn’t go much further than that. He does have a fondness for Thane though he wont admitt it.


Acts incredibly tough but prone to be rather scared and will probably run rather than fight in situations where he’s going to die.

Mannerisms, strong and to the point.



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