Ablath is a small trading village run by the house of tsalaxa. It’s a hive of scum and villainy. 500 population

The house of tsalaxa wish to get representatives in the city of Altaruk but so far have been stopped by the machinations of the house of Wavir and the leader of the town aristophanes who has sniffed out their evil ways. Still they persist in using underhanded tactics to their advantage.

The town has one tavern, a rough bar where fights are the normal occurence


The town is run by the local head of the tsalaxa guild. A crafty human rogue named Krall .

Citizens wear similiar dress to those in draj, so loose fitting coloured clothes. Feathers in their hair and braids.

There’s a fair amount of supplies, despite the village being small


A small band of 50 mercenaries protect the village, they’re hired by the house of tsalaxa. They also guard the caravans.

There’s also a citizens militia should the town be attacked in force.


The tsalaxa merchant guild operates out of here and is the primary organisation.

There’s a temple to god king Atezuk, son of the deceased king Tectuk sorcerer king of Draj.


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