Create settlement. Altaruk.

The town of Altaruk sits atop an important juncture along the Balic-Tyr trade route. Other routes branching from Altaruk extend toward the northern city-states and into the eastern Tablelands. Altaruk lies near the head of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, a silt channel dotted with small islands that pours into the great Sea of Silt.

Powerful Balican merchant houses sponsor the heavily fortified town. A 15-foot wall encircles Altaruk, and a well-trained mercenary army drives off raiders. The army’s frequent patrols flush out bandits and predatory creatures within a half-day’s ride. Only a sizable offensive might crack the mercenaries’ defenses. Lately, the army’s commanders have been casting a wary eye toward the Estuary as rumors swirl that the giants are planning to again move against the town.


Aris, phistaneles, a Balican noble, governs the town. He is well known as a pragmatic man who holds citizens and traders equally accountable to Altaruk’s laws. The merchant guilds are the main people in the town


Around 1500. Humans are the majority, though there’s a Dwarfs from the local settlements as well as passing Goliaths, elves and muls,

Alturuk draws its water from a single well within the centre of the town that’s connected to a water source that links towards Tyr. The water is brown in colour but tastes fine. Each citizen is allowed one hand carried container of water per day.The merchants that frequent the city sell further supplies of water at cut throat prices.


A good amount of basic supplies are available here due to the settlements nature as a trading location. A few exotic items can also be found, though they come from rather shady dealings. Slaves are also traded within this settlement.

A 15-foot wall encircles Altaruk, and a well-trained mercenary army funded by the merchants of 500 drives off raiders. These also protect caravans. They consist of a mixture of races, but mainly human still as well as Psions.


Merchant houses within the city. Wavir, Tsalaxa Vordon.

Inns and Taverns

Two inns exist in the settlement, one owned by the towns people and the other by the traders.

The Dune inn. And the Balic Inn.


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